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Small enough to be grand!
We invite you to Villa Urquiza, a tango and milonga neighbourhood.
A place were tango singers and dancers (like Roberto Goyeneche and Celedonio Flores) were born, a place where “porteños” come to dance real tango, far from “export tango” made for tourists.
The neighbourhood were Sunderland Club, Sin Rumbo and Coghlan Club are.
We are in Buenos Aires city, far from downtown and near to all means of transport.
We expect you with the warmth and comfort you miss far from home.
In the morning, the smell of coffe and Argentinian “medialunas” will awake you, with the mitic “dulce de leche” or whatever you want for breakfast.
The quietness and the singing birds will make you feel as if you were in the country, being 20 minutes away from downtown.
We will be there, so that your stay in Buenos Aires is unforgetable.



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